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Scenario: Running SharePoint 2010 with the Hebrew language pack installed. On a particular site, English is set as the default language, but Hebrew is available for users as an Alternative Language.

Issue: In C# on a custom project, how can I identify when a user has selected a right to left language as their alternative language?

The following all return false:

  1. SPContext.Current.RegionalSettings.IsUIRightToLeft
  2. SPContext.Current.RegionalSettings.IsRightToLeft
  3. SPContext.Current.Web.RegionalSettings.IsUIRightToLeft
  4. SPContext.Current.Web.RegionalSettings.IsRightToLeft

And these return null:

  1. SPContext.Current.Web.CurrentUser.RegionalSettings.IsUIRightToLeft
  2. SPContext.Current.Web.CurrentUser.RegionalSettings.IsRightToLeft

Any ideas?

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To clarify: I need the best way to 1) identify if the default language is RTL -and- 2) identify if the selected alternative language is RTL. Thanks! –  John Chapman Jun 15 '12 at 17:19

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After searching for hours, then posting this question, and searching for a few minutes more, I found the answer at http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/sharepoint2010general/thread/b3e6712e-cbc1-44c3-916c-6d9855f3070f

Basically here is what I did and it works:


Works perfectly.

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