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I want to create workflow which can change the Title and the Name.

This workflow activate after create or change element.
I try to get something like that:

Name - Identyfication_number

The problem is imposition of the element. When I have do any modification of this file the title and the name looks like this:

Name - Identyfication_number - Identyfication_number - Identyfication_number...

How I can stop this multiplication?

I considered to use:

  1. Condition in workflow
  2. Manually activation (check the highlighted fields)
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Why not just check if Title/Name already ends with the wanted string, and if so skip the updating.

  1. Build the Suffix in a workflow variable.
  2. Check if Title (or Name) not ends with suffix (using "If current item field equals value" action)
  3. If thats the case update

enter image description here

Note that until you've selected the first item in the If the comparison is limited to "equals"/"not equals", but as soon as you select a text field you get a lot of options.

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How I can do that? – Krzysztof S. Jun 20 '12 at 9:43
See expanded answer – Per Jakobsen Jun 20 '12 at 10:10

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