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Has anyone seen this or can explain why other user's do not see the Data Sources created by different users ?

A remote colleague opens a site in SP Designer and makes a Soap Data Source connection. When I open the very same site I do not see his newly created Data Source!?

Furthermore, if I create a Soap Data Source and give it the same name as his SPD complains that it cannot save. I assume it knows one exists already with the same name but does not display it.

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There is simply a big lack of pertinent information, so it is a wild guessing game:

  • Loopback Security Check
  • double hop authentication problems
  • firewal settings
  • Is SOAP sevice requires authentication and, if not, whether anonymous access is permitted in your environment
  • configuration of proxies
  • etc.
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it is a start. Thank you! – ChiliYago Jun 16 '12 at 12:42

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