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How can I remove prefix string#? from list using calculation field.

How can I remove prefix string#? from list using calculation field.
I have column [Nazwa klienta] - this is a calculated column. To this column I put two others columns [Nazwa] and [SAN] - those columns are in other site.

I use this formula:

=[Nazwa]&" "&"("&[SAN]&")"    

to receive

Nazwa_klienta (SAN000000)

After that, I create a site columns and use like a reference and use in other list.
Do I need to create two columns? One for the reference column and second for the calculated field?

string# list

To be clearly - this STRING;# shows only when I using Word (when I try to pick up a client).

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You're going to have to start Accepting answers if you want people to spend their own time to help you - see FAQ top right. – Ryan Jun 14 '12 at 8:34
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Assuming your field is called [MyField] you would setup a calculated column with the following formula


(9 because you want to start at the 9th character, "string;#" has 8 characters)

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I have join the two columns in one: =[Nazwa]&" "&"("&[SAN]&")" After that, when I want to choose this field in Word, I've got this: string;#....... Did I need next column to use your formula? – Krzysztof S. Jun 14 '12 at 10:13
eh? I don't understand you - is this a clarification to your question? In that case update your question and put ALL the details in it. – Ryan Jun 14 '12 at 10:17
Sorry for this uncleanly message. I will edit my question. – Krzysztof S. Jun 14 '12 at 10:19

Given you're using the SharePoint-Online and Office-365 tags, it's like this answer isn't applicable, however the string# issue can be related to a Office 2007 client bug - details here. The hotfix outlines the symptoms and rather than installing the hotfix, I've requested Office 2007 SP3 for the user to fix it.

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In c# code, it looks like using SPField.GetFieldValueAsText return a the value without the extra prefix characters.

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