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Is it possible to use an application page, residing in the _layouts folder, as the default Welcome page of SharePoint?

According to the WelcomePage property, only Site Pages can be used as the welcome page. A hack around would be to create a dummy ghostable Site Page, that basically redirects to the application page that I want to display as the welcome page. However, I wanted to avoid this, as I don't really need a Site Page for this particular scenario.

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You can do that, here is an example:

Add-PsSnapin Microsoft.SharePoint.PowerShell
$web=Get-SPWeb -Identity "http://testsite" -AssignmentCollection $assignment
$rootFolder.WelcomePage= "$rootFolder.ServerRelativeUrl _layouts/pages/yourpage.aspx"
Stop-SPAssignment $assignment
Write-Host ‘Welcome Page Set Successfully…’
Write-Host ‘Press any key to exit…’
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Hi Falak, I've tried your suggestion, but it doesn't seem to change the WelcomePage from default.aspx to the new one, even though the WelcomePage of $rootFolder is set accordingly. – João P. Silva Jun 20 '12 at 10:29
Also, I'm using a Blank Site, and I do not have the Publishing Feature active. Is it required? – João P. Silva Jun 20 '12 at 10:46

I have solved this problem in the past by setting up a redirection.

Follow the instructions here to set up a redirect page. I had to use SharePoint Designer to put my redirect page in the root of the Site.

Or follow these instructions to set up an IIS URL Rewrite rule. In this case I set the Match URL regular expression pattern to ^$.

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You cannot set Application pages as Welcome Page, only Site pages located either at the root web or from a Pages library.

Please refer to Possible to have the default landing page of my Sharepoint Site be an applicaiton page?

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