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In my Sharepoint project I have a Document Library with multiple views. For a certain view, I want to set in its Folders settings, that the view must be shown "In all folders". This can easily be set in the browser, but I need to do it in Designer 2010.

The reason for this, is that I need to also set some advanced customised sorting options in Designer (for an XsltListViewWebpart that resides in the aspx of this view), and if I use both environments for setting things, Designer and browser, then setting one reverts the other.

How can I set Show this view - "In all folders", but in Designer instead of directly in browser?

Thank you for your suggestions. Please let me know if the description of the issue is not clear. Regards,

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In order to have group with above permissions, you must create a custom permission level with your requirement.

Once Permission level is created,

Create a group with the custom permission level & add users to that group.

more info here:

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To avoid any confusion please emember to explicitly mention when you link to your own blog – Anders Rask Jun 19 '12 at 6:36

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