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I have created a Ribbon following an example. However, the only examples I can find place the Ribbon on a document list. I suspect that a change is needed here:


Which values should I use here to get the Ribbon to appear on the root site?

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Not quite sure where you want the ribbon but I am guessing that you have not created a Ribbon itself but trying to customize an existing ribbon.

SharePoint has displays Ribbon (which can be customized) at several fixed locations and those locations are documented here:

You can customize instances of ribbons documented above and ribbon customizations includes creating a new tab, a new group under a tab or adding a new button. Chris has a nice series of blog entries for ribbon. You can start here:

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AFAIK you cannot do this via registration, but you could try to Customize the ribbon programmatically from web parts and field controls as suggested by Chris O'Brien.

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Although I have no direct answer for you, the way I usually approach this is as follows:

  • Click on a button on the ribbon bar you want to add this button to / any button for which you want to copy the behaviour
  • Write down the aspx file this button links to
  • Search in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Web Server Extensions\14\TEMPLATE\FEATURES for all files containing that file name.
  • Hopefully this will return the definition for the ribbon button you want to copy.
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