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I want to add an additional configuration to the out of the box Enterprise Wiki site definition. Should I adjust the OOB site definition itself, or is there some way to staple it to the definition without touching the OOB files?

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You should not change the OOB files for several reasons:

  • Changing a deployed Site Defintion isn't supported
  • Changing OOB files in general isn't supported and your changes may be overwritten by any SP/KB/Hotfix

If you want to make changes to what happens when a user creates an Enterprise wiki site, the you should make a feature which makes the changes needed and then use Feature Stapling to add that feature to Enterprise Wiki (ENTERWIKI#0).

If you want to create a completely new Configuration, then you need to develop your own site definition where you copy everything you want from the Enterprise wiki onet.xml. See How to: Create a Custom Site Definition and Configuration

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Can I staple onet.xml additions to the ENTERWIKI#0 site definition? Or am I stuck with programming the changes into an event receiver? My preference is to staple a configuration section to the ENTERWIKI#0 site definition's onet.xml if something like that is possible. – SF1Dev Jun 5 '12 at 16:27
In a feature you can do almost anything which you can do in onet.xml, but if it's a complete new configuration then see my additions to the answer – Per Jakobsen Jun 5 '12 at 16:41

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