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I have developed a Employee Directory and got this javascript for criteria search. But I want to fetch all employees first and then apply criteria. How to set the value of "Fixed Query" of People Search Core Result webpart using javascript when I press the search button without giving any criteria.

 <script language="javascript">

  //function for enter on keyboard and apostrophes in search strings
 function txtWildPeopleFinder_KeyDown(e)
  if (e.keyCode == 13 || e.keyCode==10)
    return false;
    return true;

function escapestr(str)
 return str.replace("'","%22");

//staff search
function DoWildPeopleSearch()
 var firstname = escapestr(document.all["firstname"].value);
 var lastname = escapestr(document.all["lastname"].value);
 var url;
 //search on last name onnly (first name is empty)
 if(firstname == "")
  url = "BankDirectory.aspx?k=LastName%3A" + lastname;
//search on first name only (last name is empty)
if(lastname == "")
  url = "BankDirectory.aspx?k=FirstName%3A" + firstname;
 //search on first and last
 url = "BankDirectory.aspx?k=lastname%3A" + lastname +
 "%20FirstName%3A" + firstname;

 </script><table width="100%" id="StaffSearchTable" border="0" cellspacing="0"          
 cellpadding="4"><tbody><tr><td width="80" nowrap="nowrap">First Name:</td>
 <td width="100%"><input name="firstname" id="firstname"       
 onkeydown="txtWildPeopleFinder_KeyDown(event)" type="text" size="25" maxlength="55"/>       
 <tr><td width="80" nowrap="nowrap">Last Name:</td>  
     <td><input name="lastname" id="lastname"     
      onkeydown="txtWildPeopleFinder_KeyDown(event)" type="text" size="25" 
     maxlength="55"/> </td></tr>

      <td><input onclick="DoWildPeopleSearch()" type="button" value="Search"/></td></tr></tbody></table>   
     <p>Enter all or part of a name<br/>e.g. A will find all names beginning with A</p>
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You would need to edit the CoreSearchResults web part properties and use the "Append Text to Query", see here

This shall automatically trigger a query and still allow you to add your own Keywords.

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