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So my issue is with SharePoint 2007 and what is happening is that when I output to a excel spread sheet a custom view, If I export some calculated columns it also brings in the columns that were used to calculated that column, even if those columns are not in the current view.

So I tested this like so. I made a view with just 1 column Annualized Savings which is a calculated field =(savings 2012 + savings 2013). Then I simply hit export to spreadsheet, and I get two extra columns Savings 2012 and savings 2013 even though I only had the annualized savings in my view.

I personally have a feeling its because I used a custom Form, but I want to use my custom layout I made in the NewForm, and EditForm.

Thanks in Advance.

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Do this is a Sharepoint Designer Workflow.

But first set up your field. Delete the calculated field and create a number field. [Annualised Savings]

Set the WorkFlow to start Automatically... in your first Workflow Step

Set your condition Compare list field Say if [Annualised Savings] is Empty.

Then add as your action Do Calculation to Calculate Savings 2012 plus Savings 2013
Save this to a variable Named AnnualisedSavings Add another action Set Field in current item.. Set your Annualised Savigs Field from your "Workflow Data" Field AnnualisedSavings

Then Display your new [Annualised Savings] field in your view and export this.

Note same can be done for concatenating fields together, using the dynamic string builder action, same method as above.

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