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I am trying to create generic content type creation using following code.

// Create a Content Type Information object
                ContentTypeCreationInformation _customcontenttype = new ContentTypeCreationInformation();
                _customcontenttype.Name = SourceCT.Name;
                _customcontenttype.ParentContentType = TargetContentTypes.GetById(SourceCT.Parent.Id.ToString());//.Parent;
                _customcontenttype.Group = SourceCT.Group;

                // Create the content type
                ContentType myContentType = TargetContentTypes.Add(_customcontenttype);

This code is generating content type properly, but it's not setting parent properly. It always set 'item' as in parent of content type.

Please help.

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What is SourceCT and what is it's Parent that you use as parent? – Per Jakobsen May 31 '12 at 17:53

This i have achieved by creating recursive function. Which checks and create parent content type if it's not exist.

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Please can you add some sample code to your post. Without this it isn't really very helpful. Thanks [moderator] – SPDoctor Jun 12 '12 at 11:23

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