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Ok, here's the scoop. I have bunch of lists on sub sites that I am rolling up into a list on the parent site. Here is what I have for code:

                            var title = $(this).attr("ows_Title");
                                operation: "UpdateListItems",
                                webURL: "/",
                                async: false,
                                batchCmd: "New",
                                listName: "Initiatives",
                                valuepairs: [["Title", title]],
                                completefunc: function(xData,status){

Problem is that when I execute this script, it always adds a new item, even if the name exists. I tried switching batchCmd to "update" but then if the item doesn't exist it won't add it to the list. Is there something built into SPServices that I could use or do I need to roll my own check?

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You have to "roll your own check". User GetListItems to see if there is an existing item and then conditionally either add a new item or update the existing one.

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Thanks Marc, I just threw the titles in an array and then checked the current title to the ones loaded. Thanks Again – Brenton Pierce May 30 '12 at 15:53

You have to roll your own, there isn't anything built in. The closest is a form operation, SPRequireUnique. You'd need to do a GetListItems operation to first see what's in the list, compare it to what you have and either skip it, update it, or add it.

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