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I'm happily using SPRibbonPostBackCommand to a custom save button. It generates a Postback and everything is fine and dandy.

Previously to generating a Postback I would like to make one Javascript call (e.g. to a function RemoveAllStatus()). I tried added an SPRibbonCommand prior to the SPRibbonPostBackCommand, but now only the SPRibbonCommand fires and the postback doesn't fire anymore.

Any ideas? Basically I want to show a "waiting for save" message via Javascript (which of course would be replaced once the page is reloaded after the postback.

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I think that the SPRibbonCommand return false value, thus the post back event does not invoked. To solve this issue you can create you own ribbon component. See this or this post to understand how to do this.

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The key is to use the handleCommand in the custom component. – Dennis G Sep 11 '12 at 13:50

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