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if I develop a custom .XSN (InfoPath Form Template) can I store in SharePoint and provide a custom application page that leverages the XmlFormView to render out a browser enabled form WITHOUT the need for an Enterprise License? This would be similar to the logic on some of the Workflow Forms, such as "_layouts/WrkTaskIP.aspx"


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Licensing is always tricky. On MSDN it says:

InfoPath Forms Services uses the XmlFormView control to display forms based on form templates designed in Microsoft InfoPath 2010 so that they are browser-compatible. Developers can also use the XmlFormView control to show InfoPath forms in custom Web pages. This requires Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 with a client access license for InfoPath Forms Services.

Should probably check this out with either someone who sells licenses or MS, what I always does when i'm in doubt.

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