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I want to display my list on another site in same site collection. I edit List with SPDesigner, select the view and save it to site gallery. After these steps, I added the view webpart on my another site. Everything is fine before making change the Name of WebPart. I try to edit webpart and change the name from appearence category. I encounterd the error List does not exist. The page you selected contains a list that does not exist. It may have been deleted by another user.

I click the Go back to site and the webpart name changed. There is no problem. But I dont understand why error page is coming.

I try to find solution but I could not. Please help!!!

Thank you,

MUhammed KACAR

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You can export the XSLT List Viewer Web Part using SharePoint Designer. After that you can embed the List View in any desired location within the same site collection. I wrote a little how-to export the xslt List Viewer Webpart a couple of while ago. This can be found here

You also need to choose yes when you export the web part.

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It is suggested that you use "Content Query" Webpart and pull the list items from the top site.

It supports showing list views across different subsites and top site within a single site collection. If your sharepoint designer view is not something complex and is "just" about showing relevant columns based on certain sort order and filter , then use the content query webpart.

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Iwould don't care if it works well except that specific case. There probably not-so-well coded validation over EditorPart done by product team.

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Using Soap Webservices you can create a dataview webpart in sharepoint designer to display the contents of another subsite.Very good article here: enter link description here

After you have dataview webpart you can export that into your site web part gallery.

Hope this helps.

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