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I was testing the code provided in below MSDN Link:

But I got compile time error as "Error1Error occurred in deployment step 'Retract Solution': Cannot start service SPUserCodeV4 on computer 'ComputerName'. $000DeletingEventReceiver"$0

Not sure what's wrong!! any help guys?

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Try it from Central Admin first, see:

enter image description here


Go to run and type services.msc and open it. Please found SharePoint 2010 User Code Host and make sure that it is started. Once the Service starts the issue will resolved.

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Go to Central Administration Central > System Settings > Manage services on server and make sure the "Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Sandboxed Code Service" is started.

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"Microsoft SharePoint Foundation User Code Service" is not listed over there!! – NICK May 28 '12 at 12:58
Sorry, make that the "Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Sandboxed Code Service." – Danny Jessee May 28 '12 at 13:06

The TechNet article Enable sandboxed solutions on the farm (SharePoint Foundation 2010) lists two methods for starting the service:

  1. From the Services on Server page of the Central Administration website, click Start in the Action column of the Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Sandboxed Code Service row.
  2. From PowerShell, execute the following command: Start-Service -Name SPUserCodeV4
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