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I am showing the results of query against a document library within a dataformwebpart. The managed meta data field is named 'Tags'. The output to the page of this column looks like 3;#test;#2;tos (where test and tos were text values of 2 properties).

How using xsl can i show test, tos.

The xsl currently outputs .

I would expect this is the problem when outputting any of the managed metadata properties. I have tried select="@Tags." as well with the same result.

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You might try something like this:

select = "concat(substring-before(substring-after({@Tags},'#'),';'),substring-after(substring-after(substring-after({@Tags},'#'),'#'),';'))"

This is just off the top of my head, but it should be pretty close. Of course, this would only work if there are always two metadata properties returned by @Tags.

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