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I am able to upload reports in a sharepoint library that have embedded data connections to a cube(SQL2008\AnalysisInstance). We are not using power pivot. We are running Sql 2008 standard version.

However I cannot seem to refresh it as windows credentials are not being delegated. So I tried creating a secure store service target app "ExcelTargetApp" and use that in Excel. I have used 'group' under the target application type.

The error before and the error after.
enter image description here

enter image description here

What are my options to get around this?

  1. Do I create an Unattended service account in SSS?

  2. Can I modify the current solution in any way to make it work?

  3. Although I am aware that changing to Kerberos might fix the double hop problem I do not want to unless Im left with no other choice and additionally we do not really have a need for it.

Or am I just missing something easy and obvious?

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I created a secure store target app for excel and used the SSS ID in my excel reports. It refreshes without any errors now.

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In general: when using SAML-based authentication, the identity of the user cannot be delegated to backend systems, like SQL Server.

See here:

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