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I have created a custom list with below two columns.

Col 1
Col 2

In the default view, "Title" column is the link to view item. I have removed this column from this view but I am not able to set Col 1 as my link to view item. Please help.

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If you create the list definition and view in visual studio then you can set it in the section of the view:

 <FieldRef Name="Col1" LinkToItem="TRUE"/> 
 <FieldRef Name="Col2"/> 

If you're using the UI then you need to modify the view using SharePoint designer, when you get the view shown in SPD select a cell in col1 and click the > arrow
enter image description here
Then set a checkmark in "Show link to Item"
enter image description here

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Thanks, really appreciate. – NotesArt May 23 '12 at 8:05

Instead of deleting the title column you can rename the title column with the required column name.means rename Title column with Col1,listsettings-->Click on title column -->change name to col1 and save

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