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I need a workflow which will check a custom list -for every row in this list- every day automatically and if the total value column is 0 then it will send an email to a user. Is it possible with SharePoint designer 2010 and InfoPath 2010? I can not use visual studio to develop a batch application.

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Do you use 2013 workflow platform? – Keerthi Jun 10 at 14:56

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If you cannot use Visual Studio for it, so I would recommend you to take a look on ready solutions, that have already actions you need for SharePoint Designer. You can try Workflows Pack from Virto. And looks like they have that action you need and it's free. Check the actions list it on their website -

Hope it will help you!

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If it's good enought to get a daily summary of new items where the total is 0, then you can create a view to show these and add an alert when new items enter the view.

Otherwise a timer job is the right solution or as you're not allowed to use VS against the server a program using the client object model which is run on a client PC by the task scheduler.

I'd only use the looping workflow described by @PirateEric as the last resort as it's a kludge which depending on the size of the list is going to put a heavy load your servers for no good reason.

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A daily summry can solve my problem but I need to find all this items first. So maybe PirateEric's sugestion can solve my problem. I'll try it. – compengTR May 22 '12 at 9:55

Realistically this screams timer job to me, but since you said you can't use Visual Studio, we'll have to resort to workflows.

There is a very detailed post on how to set up a for each type loop here, I recommend looking at that.

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Thanks, PirateEric, maybe this can solve my problem but I think this will take long time. But I'll try it. – compengTR May 22 '12 at 9:52

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