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I got the error message "The sandboxed solution could not be activated" when publishing an new empty infopath form with the default autogenerated c# code.

The Sharepoint 2010 User Code Host Running service is shown as started in the Windows Server console

The Sandboxed Code Service is Started in the Central Admin.

I can publish a form without code with no problems, and I also published with sucess a workflow .wsp as a solution amd activated it on the server.

There is no DC on the server.

Anyone have a clue on what could go wrong ?


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Please reference Error when deploying InfoPath web-enabled form (custom code in the form cannot be run) and see if anything there helps you solve this.

(First and foremost though I would confirm that the form is set as full-trust under security and trust)

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Yes indeed I succedded in publishing the form with the full-trust setting. Here is a post which describes the steps required to do so look for the comment in the middle of the post from user shrirampophali. Thanx Zork ! – Mihnea Niculescu May 21 '12 at 19:42

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