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I'm trying to create list from External content types with powershell. I'm trying to get the model, through this line : $Model = Get-SPBusinessDataCatalogMetadataObject -BdcObjectType Model -Name $ModelName -ServiceContext $ServiceContext

But $Model is null. I'm not sure about what to put in ServiceContext is it the Url of my central administration ? Or of my site ? And also for the noun of my Model, I went in the central administration, in the BDC and used the entire name which is : PPMO.Model.Portefeuille_SAP.

Do i have to use this one ?

Any advice would help, Thanks by advance :).


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This contains an excellent example of what to do, enjoy!

(this should set the model name for you, I believe the ServiceContext should refer to your CA e.g. your localhost, as this is where the BDCM will be imported)

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