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I am trying to develop a Gadget for Sharepoint 2007, which will authenticate a user and then fetch him a sharepoint list from a specific URL,

For the last 4 days I have been working on it and came across different ways of making it, but because solutions are either half done, dont work or too confusing to get help from or convert into what I want.

Because Windows Gadget uses Scripting + HTML so I have following options to carry on work with to make this gadget,

  • Create a Visual studio project (dll) which will fetch the list for me using Object Model of Sharepoint and then I can use JavaScript & Visual Studio "COM" to read that dll ("Classes") and get data in JavaScript + displaying it on HTML. Problem with this approach is, I am not sure, If I create a "dll" with Sharepoint clients object model and put it into the gadget folder, will it work on Clients (that dont have sharepoint installed on there PCs). While trying to find help regarding this approach to problem I find this project that is doing kinda same thing, but not really sure if i make changes to it and it will gonna work with "dll" I was talking about earlier, here's the Link to Gadget,

Gmail Gadget Using JavaScript to Read Visual studio Dll

  • Second Approach to solve the problem can be, If I use Sharepoint webservices, that will get me all the List Items, but then using Webservices in JavaScript isn't that easy, so if i create a Visual Studio Project, get a web reference to sharepoint webservices, and return a list, which I again use JavaScript to read the results out of DLL, and display them on HTML.

This Link is Using Webservices in a Dot Net Project to Update a List Item, but In comments it also tells how to get List data, but then how I gonna authenticate my users

  • Another solution is to use Jquery to get sharepoint List data, like in link before, but again, how can i authenticate my users @ gadget ?

Using jQuery to fetch List Data

A gadget that is getting News Feed from a website, its sending an HTTPxml request but then asking for a RSS feed, whereas i dont have Rss feedback in sharepoint site I am working on

Cheers for reading this I hope you either gonna increase your knowledge or gonna share it :)

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You posted the same question to stackoverflow where I suggested an answer to it. It would be probably worth merging both topics to one place. (If I knew how :-) --- Ferda – Ferdinand Prantl May 18 '12 at 11:10
How is this off topic? – Ryan May 18 '12 at 11:54
exactly :/, maybe @Anders Rask didn't read my question properly – Muhammad Raja May 18 '12 at 12:42
Windows Gadgets is clearly off-topic so there is a low probability to get a good answer here (which i guess is why you cross posted in SO ). I have re-opened it, but will close it again if it receives no answers – Anders Rask May 18 '12 at 12:51
@AndersRask my question somewhere asking how to access a Sharepoint list using Webservices(server side) & XMLHTTPResponse (on client side) including authentication for users, which does make sense to me as a Sharepoint developer, am sorry but am disappointed by your explanation – Muhammad Raja May 18 '12 at 13:38
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Its not possible in our Scenario, so I stopped working on this project.

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