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I have several workflows which send email notifications. Some of the outgoing emails have very strange titles, like the following:

Скоро срок СЃдачи поручРµния СоздатСЊ расписаниРµ по дисциплинам

Задачи - Настроить работу блога на =?utf-8?Q?=D0=BA=D0=BE=D1=80=‏

Both sentences are utf-8 encoded, in russian. Some of the characters inside the sentence were replaced with incorrect ones, I have no idea what is the reason of it. Is there any way to investigate or fix it?

Thanks! enter image description here

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Try this This solution relates to sender name. But if It works, It can be helpful for your situation too.

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thanks for your suggestion. The thing is that I was using sharepoint designer to create a workflow, which is sending emails. So there is no c# code. – Sam.Shekhovtsov Feb 4 '13 at 8:33

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