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I'm trying to set the delay activity programatically in a state machine workflow using Visual studio with SharePoint2010.

This is being set in the method.

private void delayActivity1_InitializeTimeoutDuration(object sender, EventArgs e)
            this.delayActivity1.TimeoutDuration = System.TimeSpan.Parse("00:30:00");


Unfortunately the timeoutduration is being ignored and the setting in the GUI properties is being used. I put in a breakpoint in the method and it does indeed show TimeoutDuration being set correctly. It look like a bug. Is there anyway to get this to work pls

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The remarks section for DelayActivity.InitializeTimeoutDuration states:

This event should not be used to set the TimeoutDuration for a DelayActivity. The time-out duration should be set in the workflow's InitializeComponent method instead.

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