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Most people would likely answer a question like this by saying to look at Page Layouts but they are no good to me. I already have custom Page Layouts for use in a publishing page but what I want to do is to set a Text Layout using code.

When I create a new team site with the wiki homepage feature enabled I can view a page and edit a page at SitePages/Home.aspx. In the ribbon there is an option called 'Text Layouts'. I can select something such as "3 columns with header". I have searched everywhere for how I can set this in code but have found nothing.

Can anyone help with this or even help with creating custom Text Layouts?

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It's not really supported but seems someone has made a solution at Create web part pages with custom layouts in SharePoint 2010

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Thanks - I will have a look. It doesn't sound like it is possible to programmatically add webparts via code to wiki pages as well as changing the Text Layout. – ringo747 May 17 '12 at 8:53

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