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my code:

using (new SPMonitoredScope("Sleepy Time", 1000)) {

when I enable the Developer Dashboard, I am expecting a red border around it because the code running in the monitored scope is running longer than 1000 milliseconds.

But it doesn't happen. I do get a bullet point in the Developer Dashboard such as

  • Sleepy Time (5008.26 ms)

but no indication that the counter was triggered. Can anyone explain why?

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DD only show you the standard events called by SharePoint. Eg OnPreRender, CreateChildControls etc.

If you want to add monitors to a web part, you would need to create a method like this

private void SleepyTime()
    using (SPMonitoredScope scope = new SPMonitoredScope("SleepyTime"))

and it would show up in DD from the overridden event from which the method was called CreateChildControls (50xx ms) - SleepyTime (5000 ms)

Note that the code above wont run in a sandboxed solution!

You can also create a custom monitored scope using the ISPScopedPerformanceMonitor interface. This is used in conjunction with an overridden constructor

int maxExecutionTime = 1000; // The maximum duration of the monitoring operation, in milliseconds
using (SPMonitoredScope scope = new SPMonitoredScope("SleepyTime", maxExecutionTime, new MyCustomMonitor()))
    // MyCustomMonitor implements ISPScopedPerformanceMonitor interface
    // If monitoring the scope exceeds the time represented by the maximumExecutionTime value, you can use the maximumExecutionTime value to increase the logging level.
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The red border is only triggered by SharePoint defined monitors at the root scope. A yellow border should indicate that the request took more than one second.

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