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So I have a library with PDF documents in it and a content editor web part underneath. When I select a PDF item I would like it to display in the <iframe>. I can accomplish this with a static URL currently but I am having trouble dynamically getting the item URL and refreshing the <iframe>. I am guessing I will need to use javascript to accomplish this.

Has anyone every tried anything like this before?


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Is this in 2010 or 2007. Its been years but I think I did something where there was a library and a page viewer web part. Clicking the item in the library changed the page viewer. I think I targeted the IFrame ID with an on-click event. I believe I went off of someone elses post to accomplish this. Ill see if I cant dig it up somewhere.

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I was able to accomplish this exactly has you suggested. I created a link and targeted an iframe to open one link and used an onclick event to open a second link in a second iframe. Thanks for the suggestion. – kds6253 May 16 '12 at 16:50

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