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My client has two SharePoint WFE in a farm. While we are trying to access the SharePoint portal with server name, we have encountered one issue with server 1. The issue is on a list page, a user is not seeing an "Add new Item" option while on other server he has the option on same list.

Please suggest what could be reason.

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It might be that your accessing one of the WFE's through an extended zone which has specific policies set to the accounts, for instance deny write.

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Hi WIctor, I got your point but we are not having server specific policy to any user. – Yogi May 15 '12 at 17:42

First, make sure the Timer service is running on all servers in your farm. After that, verify which Web App/Zones the user might be hitting based on the URL being used to access each WFE. You can find this info in Central Administration - System Settings - Alternate Access Mappings. Make sure that both URLs the user is using do in fact go to the same Web Application.

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