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Maybe someone can help me with a difficult problem.

I have SP farm with the latest version of SP (14.0.6120.5000) and everu document in every list in every web application as a problem.

After the first edit I cannot edit again (without a new session).

No discernible error exists in the logs.

Example: - new browser session - choose a word doc and edit in word - save the doc - open the doc again for edit - it stays not editable and when i choose to edit in word it says it cannot find the file.

Does anybody ever seen this type of situation.

Thanks in advance

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I would take a look at the alternate access mappings. Although this does sound like a very bizarre problem. I am assuming you are opening in IE 7 or above.

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We have about 10 Web Apps on the farm, and another test farm with different mappings (public, private). And I even created three vanila web apps with the different auth options to test, and the result is the same in every one. Yes testing in IE9 – Ricardo Gomes May 10 '12 at 22:41

I would run fiddler to try to determine the issue. If you post the trace results then I can take a look and see if anything looks funny.

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We found the problem.

One of our custom webparts was publishing a service to the ISAPI folder, and that was overwriting the web.config there.

The actual problem was the service call CellStorage (defined in that web.config) that no longer existed.

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