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I create a View Ribbon-scoped custom action using SPD 2010 that runs some Javascript. If I create it in an ECT list I can use it with multiple items. However, if I create it in a standard SharePoint list, it automatically grey's out when more than one item is checked.

Can this behavior be changed from SPD? Using JSOM? Some other tool or VS? (In that order)

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Here's the quick and dirty. SPD creates the UserCustomActions definition for the list with code to only display for a single item. Using SP Manager, I simply edited the script to allow for any number of selected items to enable the icon in the ribbon. (Changed ==1 to >0) SP Manager Left Panel!enter image description here

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SPD is rather clever. If you put tokens like {SelectedItemId} into the 'url' it makes sure the button is only enabled if a single item is selected, but if not the it's turned on always.

Try this as an example:

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Good to know. My URL looks like this . . . javascript:$.getScript("http://intranet/path/popNewOpp.js"); . . . so not sure what else might be hapening. – Toadmyster May 11 '12 at 20:21
I haven't found this answer to hold true under some circumstances. – Dinerdo Jul 22 '15 at 16:43

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