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I'm creating a custom list which needs 70 differents views on it (one for each users, this number may be bigger in the futur). I know there was a 50 views limit in SP2007 (you could have more, but no way to access them in the interface), does that limit was fixed in SP2010 ? (no access to sharepoint atm to check by myself) Thanks

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Perhaps it is wiser to create a view with a filter such as "[Created by] = [Me]"?

I find it really hard to believe that each user requires a unique view....

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70 * Pages with a Data View Web Parts will get around any limitations of the number of views you can have in a drop down. Just create a jumplist to access them all.

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Limit is still 50 in SP2010. Users can select from 50+ views in the Current View drop-down but when editing the view in web parts you are limited to the first 50 views created.

Not all views being displayed in my web part

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