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I have a spgrid with BoundField. I set allowsort to true.

I bind datasource.

but when i click in header dont sort?!

 DataTable table = new DataTable();

        DataRow dr = table.NewRow();
            dr["Name"] = item["Title"];
            dr["ID"] = item["ID"];
  GridView.DataSource = table;
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Tried any of these examples (sorting must be "implemented" when using a DataSource other than the a List/View or result of SPQuery)?

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Thanks , i use a datatable for bind spgrid. – ar.gorgin May 9 '12 at 7:26

Dont forget to set the 'onSorting' = 'your_event_handler', and give each sortable column a 'sortExpression'.

I also advise declaring the DataTable as a global variable so you can cache the data for sorting during the event. *Beware the e.SortDirection stays 'Ascending' unless you deal with it, so instead I use a work around and track the current column name & direction to do it myself.

  private static Datatable table;
  private static string sort_col;
  private static string sort_dir;
  private void yourPreviousFunction() { table = new DataTable() etc..}

  public void your_even_handler(object sender, GridViewSortingEventArgs e)
       if(e.sortingExpression.ToString() != sort_col || sort_dir=="Desc")
        else sort_dir="Desc";

        table.DefaultView.sort = sort_col+" "+sort_dir;
        GridView.DataSource= table;

Hope this helps

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And for a multi-column sort.. Datatable.DefaultView.sort ="col1 Dir, col2 Dir" – user13186 Dec 20 '12 at 2:49

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