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I want to show the contents of three specific columns from one specific list item.

Like Meeting list item ID 5 contains

Name           MeetingDate           Bitfield1            Bitfield2
John Doe       23-06-2010            Yes                  No

In a web part (if possible) I want to create this view:

Meeting Date: 23-06-2010
Bitfield1:    Yes
Bitfield2:    No
(Edit link to Meeting list item ID 5)

Is that possible without coding a web part from scratch? E.g. with the XML web part or others? (solution is MOSS 2007 Enterprise based if that's relevant)

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You can configure that display using a DataView Web Part and structure the output in whatever format you need.

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This seems to be the fastest solution :) – noesgard Jun 21 '10 at 13:31

Out of the box, SharePoint has "Newsletter" Layouts which can present data in this way.

Otherwise, you can also create this with SharePoint Designer 2007 without using any code whatsoever.

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Seems like the labels gets some weird locations (newsletter in my version is a horizontal layout). Box/Boxed seemed ok but the first label was missing.... seems like I'll have to go with the DataView Webpart solution... – noesgard Jun 21 '10 at 12:51

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