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My requirement is based on the entered people editor value, i will show the details in the radgrid. here my problem is after clicked the button radgrid details and all coming perfect, but the people editor value is lost. but i nned to persist the people editor value. the same code i used in sharepoint 2010, but i have only the issue in sharepoint 2007, could anyone please help me to resolve this

Code: System.Collections.ArrayList entityArrayList = new System.Collections.ArrayList(); string[] vals = val.Split(';'); foreach (string accntsVal in vals) { PickerEntity entity = new PickerEntity(); entity.Key = accntsVal; entityArrayList.Add(entity); }

Thanks and Regards, Santhanarasu.u

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You can try this

 PeoplePicker.CommaSeparatedAccounts = string collection with comma separated value
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