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I'm relatively quite new to SharePoint (2007) and I currently have a page veiwer webpart rendering one HTML file from my c:\ on to an internal moss site on the default page. I need help on the possiblity of having a flip option between mutiple HTMLs files on a moss page with a certain time lag. Meaning, if I have file x.html currently being displayed, I want the another y.html after 30secs or so which is shared in the same location. I'm not sure if I can do that with page veiwer webpart.

Regards... Thota

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You could simply do this with jQuery and iframes. Instead of the page viewer web part, use a content editor web part to put some custom HTML code on the page. In that HTML code, display your first page in an iframe and then use jQuery to cycle/load your pages on the time interval.

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