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I have a SharePoint Farm setup on Windows Server 2008 (all 4 servers). Now I would like to add an existing server (Windows Server 2003) to the farm by minimal installation of SharePoint. Is this possible? Or should I upgrade the existing server to 2008?

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Well you could mix various Windows version as long as they are using same architecture (32/64bit). But I would recommend an upgrade to 2008 because of following:

  • to ease and uniform patching of your systems
  • SharePoint 2010 will only support Windows 2008, it will be easier to upgrade if you are running 2008 already
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Thanks your answer helps. – Anonymous Oct 29 '09 at 21:53
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Another Option in such case also would be to mix servers in different layers like WFE1 = W2K3, WFE2=W2K3, APP = W2K8, DATABASE = W2K8.

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