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I can't get the new Business data Connectivity Service I've just created to work. It says that it started, and I proceed to an IISRESET as said in a lot of blogs, but it still doesn't work.

Do you have any clue where it comes from ?


Logs :

Logging unknown/unexpected client side exception: SPEndpointAddressNotFoundException. This will cause this application server to be removed from the load balancer queue. Exception: Microsoft.SharePoint.SPEndpointAddressNotFoundException: Il n’existe aucune adresse disponible pour cette application. at Microsoft.SharePoint.SPRoundRobinServiceLoadBalancer.BeginOperation() at Microsoft.SharePoint.BusinessData.SharedService.BdcServiceApplicationProxy.Execute[T](String operationName, UInt32 maxRunningTime, ExecuteDelegate`1 operation, Boolean performCanaryCheck, Boolean isChannelThatDelegatesIdentity) d16f4978-035b-4072-b7b1-59d82af30da1

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Any errors from logs you could share? Hard to know what it could be without some more info – Anders Aune Apr 27 '12 at 12:04
Yep sorry, just added them in my edit – user1056832 Apr 27 '12 at 12:17

Can you look to the Application Management > Services on Server, whether Service: Business Data Connectivity is really Started and correctly Running? Is for BDC Service used standalone registred managed account with correct password and with autochange password to False?

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