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I have been facing the problem with my sharepoint user profile synchronization service for almost 2 months.

I have followed exactly the article and yet having problems.

The user profile service is running fine. I am using the farm account to start the user profile synchronization service. However, it takes around 5 min saying "Starting" and then stops.

While starting, I followed the "Windows Services". I noticed that the "Forefront Identity Manager Synchronization Service" once starts and then stops, before the User Profile Synchronization Service stops.

The sp_ups account has been delegated "Replicating Directory Changes" permission and the farm account is also a member of administrators group and has the permission to log on locally which tells that I do not have any permission problems.

I have also installed the February 2012 hotfix but no luck.

Please help.

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this kind of issues, the solution of it likely never related to the main problem. for instance i wrote the simple web part and after i installed on my site, web part won't worked and that was insane because it worked on other my coworkers computers, and finally i figure it out that my sharepoint drive was full. i suggest you prepare this situation on a test computer and see what happens and if there was no problem, you should look for the differences between two computers and their configurations. – Jalali Shakib Apr 26 '12 at 6:32
what was the error with the webapplication Can you please explain it in detail – user16013 Mar 31 '13 at 23:44

Can you try this solution as mentioned in another thread over here :- User Profile Strikes Again

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Thank you guys I found the cause. There was some error with my web application and by recreating them solved the problem. – Asado Apr 27 '12 at 0:52

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