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I am using the ItemAdded event to fill in a metadata field.

In the ItemUpdated event (after submitting the file properties diagog) - I want to move the file elsewhere.

However, I get an error saying that the file was not found even though it is actually there. But I guess it's not registered as being there at this point in the sequence of events?!

My code is below:

public override void ItemUpdated(SPItemEventProperties properties)

       if (properties.ListTitle == "My Documents")
           string fileURL = properties.ListItem.Web.Url + "/" + properties.ListItem.File.Url;
           using (SPSite siteSrc = new SPSite(fileURL))
           using (SPSite siteDst = new SPSite("http://dsidsw920"))
           using (SPWeb webSrc = siteSrc.OpenWeb())
           using (SPWeb webDst = siteDst.OpenWeb())
               SPFile srcFile = properties.ListItem.File;
               SPFolder dstFolder = webDst.GetFolder("http://dsidsw920/Khurrams Documents");
               SPFile newFile = dstFolder.Files.Add(fileURL, srcFile.OpenBinary()); //Error occurs here!

   public override void ItemAdded(SPItemEventProperties properties)
       SPListItem ListItemAdded = properties.ListItem;
       if (!properties.Web.IsRootWeb)
           string targetTerm = properties.Web.Name;

           if (properties.ListTitle == "My Documents")
               SPWeb web = properties.Web.Site.RootWeb;

               TaxonomyField field = (TaxonomyField)properties.ListItem.Fields["WVTag"];
               Guid termSetId = field.TermSetId;

               //get term/s
               List<Term> terms = new List<Term>();
               TermStore termStore = GetTermStore(web);
               TermSet termSet = termStore.GetTermSet(termSetId);
               terms = termSet.GetAllTerms().ToList<Term>();

               bool siteNameFound = false;

               Term tagTerm = null;

               if (terms.Count > 0)
                   foreach (Term term in terms)
                       if (term.Name == targetTerm)
                           tagTerm = term;
                           siteNameFound = true;
               if (terms.Count == 0 || siteNameFound == false)
                   tagTerm = termSet.CreateTerm(targetTerm, properties.Web.UICulture.LCID);

               TaxonomyFieldValue value = new TaxonomyFieldValue(field);
               value.Label = tagTerm.GetDefaultLabel(1033);
               value.TermGuid = tagTerm.Id.ToString();

               lock (LockObject)

                   field.SetFieldValue(properties.ListItem, value);
               EventFiringEnabled = false;
               EventFiringEnabled = true;

Your help appreciated thanks.


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Your fileUrl variable you used should be destination file url. Try this

byte[] fileBytes = sourceItem.File.OpenBinary();
bool overwritedestfile = true;
string destinationUrl = destinationList.RootFolder.Url + "/" + sourceItem.File.Name;
SPFile destinationFile = ((SPDocumentLibrary)destinationList).RootFolder.Files.Add(destinationUrl, fileBytes, overwritedestfile);
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Yes, you are right doh! Now I just need to figure out how to transfer the metadata column values :S – Perplexed Apr 25 '12 at 18:03

SPFile.CopyTo is a lot better to use than reading the entire file and adding it.

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Unless you are moving to another sitecollection - does it work when copying from subsite doclib to root site doclib (as per my scenario)? – Perplexed Apr 25 '12 at 18:12
No it's "internal" – Per Jakobsen Apr 25 '12 at 18:56

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