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I have an application that us using FAST as the back bone for a very customized search. One of the requirement that I have is to determine the highest and lowest value of a managed property. I would like this value to be pulled back from FAST in the refiners.

I have used the discretize=manual and set thresholds, I was going to use this to find the largest range that a value lies in (these values reflect a set of drop down lists of integer values that are used to show a price range) however this is limited to a maximum of 10 values and my list has 14!

So my question is how do I configure Fast to pull the maximum and minimum values in a managed property?

Adam Clifford

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How do I get all possible values? The refiner that I am sending to FAST is this currently <Refiner>propertylistingprice(discretize=manual/50/75/100/150/200/250/300/350/40‌​0/500/600/700)</Refiner> How would i set it to return indavidual values? Adam Clifford – user8050 Apr 26 '12 at 9:50

You can use the refiners as you suggest. But instead of putting them in buckets get all possible values and pick the max and min.

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