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Trying (desperately) to find the Microsoft.Sharepoint.Client equivalent of SPList.Fields.Addlookup

My code:

ClientContext ctx = new ClientContext("http://sharepoint/");
Web website = ctx.Web;
ListCreationInformation ci = new ListCreationInformation();
ci.Title = "MyList";
ci.TemplateType = (int)ListTemplateType.GenericList; 
List lst = website.Lists.Add(ci);
lst.AddLookup // <- THIS DOES NOT EXIST
lst.Fields.AddLookup // <- NOR DOES THIS 

I've tried using AddFieldAsXml with every conceivable combination of attributes/values - no luck

Any help would be greatly appreciated !

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You can create a new instance of the FieldLookup object and then use

FieldLookup myLookupField;
//Configuration of Field Stuff
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Tried that, unfortunately you can't new up a LookupField without knowing the 'object path' - the signature is FieldLookup fld = new FieldLookup([ClientRuntimeContext Context], [ObjectPath ObjectPath]); There's no documentation on the constructor - it seems that MS has reservered it for internal use - (mind you, if there IS another way to create the Lookfield , please let me know) – Marc Apr 25 '12 at 17:12

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