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I am trying to extract and display the content editor web part within the site default page on another page. When using the cqwp, I cannot find the default page at all.
Thank you for your help

More details: My site main screen with address (...../default.aspx) has multiple sections and webparts. I want to display one of the webpart (Content Editor) in another web site so that I dont have to make edit in both places if the content changes.
I have published this page and have made it the site HOME page, but cannot find this page in the query.

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When the CQWP is configured well, then most of the time this is because pages aren't published as a major version. To do so: Check in the page as a major version, then accept the changes. (When using approval mechanism)

If this doesn't help you, I suppose you have to provide us more detailed information about: What you want to do and how you configured the necessities.

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