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We get different people picker and add user results between web applications.

We have 3 domains in our user profile sync.

We checked user profiles and AD for a particular domainA\user3 and it looks perfect. On one web application if I add user domainA\user3 it resolves to the correct person. On another if I attempt to add the same domainA\user3 it resolves to domainB\user for some reason.

I checked the user is not on either web application site.

What's interesting is the user (domainA\user3 for the sake of this example) has a very common name is in all 3 domains.

domainB\user (has no email) is the one that erroniously comes up on one web application. domainA\user3 (the one we want) domainC\user3 (same person on another domain)

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