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I have a SharePoint project (web parts, user controls ...) and I have created Safe Control for it in the Web.config file.

If I change the version of the assemlby ( do I need to modify web.config file of the web Application?


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The general recommendation is that you never update the AssemblyVersion of WebPart assemblies, because you have to update:

  • The SafeControl entries in web.config (for letting it run)
  • The .webpart files (for getting new instances)
  • Assembly redirect entries in web.config (for already inserted instances)

For more reference see:

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thanks, If I have a project for all my WebParts and let it be (never update this assembly). Do I need to update SafeControl for other assemblies which do not contain any WebPart (modules, features ...) if I change Version? – Medes Apr 19 '12 at 6:40
The rule applies to anything which needs a SafeControl entry: WebParts, SitePage baseclass and web controls, Custom Workflow Action,... So in general SharePoint developers usually don't update AssemblyVersion. But of cause you should always update the version of your feature – Per Jakobsen Apr 19 '12 at 6:52

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