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I'm trying to use values from 2 SPListItemCollections, as one of them have a lookup field with values from the other list.

The reason why I need to do this, is because I need the value from the other list in order to OrderBy correctly when populating the values.

This is what I have so far.

SPWeb web = SPContext.Current.Site.RootWeb;
SPList list1 = web.Lists["List1"];
SPList list2 = web.Lists["List2"];

foreach (var l1 in list1.Items.Cast<SPListItem>().OrderBy(l1 => l1["Category"]).ThenBy(l1 => l1["Position"]))
    /* Logic */

I want l1["Category"] to be replaced by a column name from list2.
How can I achieve this?

I'm not that experienced with "advanced" coding.

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What you want to do is look into CAML field joins and projections

As the name suggests, it allows you to join two lists linked by a lookup field, and bring up the values through a single CAML query. The page linked above is not a beacon of clarity but you can find good examples on Google.

Using CAML will also enable you to put your Order by in it. A CAML query will also be more efficient than your current list1.Items.Cast<..>( )

Note also that using


can be slow if you have many lists on that web. Consider using something like

web.GetList(SPUtility.ConcatUrls(web.ServerRelativeUrl, "MyListUrl"));
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You can achieve this by Join and Projected fields. Please check the section 3. List Joins here :

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