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Myself and my team have been given the (almost) impossible task of styling SharePoint 2010’s Mobile view. We have been following the walk through for base styling (Mobile How to) but we are coming across a few really difficult issues which I hope you can help with. We have created a custom mobile page called mobile.aspx.

The above walkthrough is great to get started. But for serious customization we require some documentation from MSDN which we are struggling to find. If you know of any further documentation as to customizing the mobile page it would be great if not below a some of the issues we are facing maybe you have an idea on how to resolve one or two of them

Issue 1:

We want the WebPartMobilePageTitle to show the site name not the page name. Currently It shows Pages: Mobile

Issue 2:

We would like to change the colour of the links from blue to green

Issue 3:

We want to change the base font from Times New Roman to Arial.

Issue 4:

Styling is not going from home page to the next page (Home Page has title styling, you click on an announcement item and the page it loads there has normal styling). Do we have to style each default mobile view? (I know this is probably a newbie questions, but I would no assume )

Issue 5:

In MSDN’s page on how to customize the mobile page (How to: Customize Mobile Home Pages ), it says that these below items are the render templates we can style, but do these just control the home page or do they filter through to the next page (when you click an announcement and it goes to the full announcement text)

  • Mobile_Default_HomePage_Title
  • Mobile_Default_HomePage_Contents
  • Mobile_Default_HomePage_Navigation
  • WebPartMobile_Default_HomePage_Title
  • WebPartMobile_Default_HomePage_Contents
  • WebPartMobile_Default_HomePage_Navigation
  • WebPartMobileDetail_Default_HomePage_Contents
  • WebPartMobileDetail_Default_HomePage_Navigation
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Rule #1: Don't use SharePoint Mobile View. Rule #2: Don't try to modify the looks of SharePoint Mobile View. Rule #3: Disable SharePoint Mobile View and optimize the website for mobiles instead, using CSS Media Query or a control which checks what platform you're on and apply a CSS to the masterpage fitting for that platform. – Daniel Ziga Apr 11 '12 at 11:45
thanks alot thats what i have been hearing everywhere else :D! – Sebastien Stettler Apr 11 '12 at 15:24
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