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I created a content type and used that to create a page layout. It works fine. Now I need to add few more columns to content type. These columns also show up in SharePoint designer Toolbox and I drag and drop them on Page Layout, but they do not render in the browser.

I have tested multiple times with different content types and page layouts. Looks like once you use a content type with a page layout, any new columns I add after that, would not render. Do I have to do anything special here for Page Layout to be able to render columns that were added later? Thanks.

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Can you post the code that appeared? Also this may seem silly.. but are you sure you filled the new columns with values to display? –  RyanS Apr 5 '12 at 13:45
Another thing to check is that you have checked in your page layouts ... or users will still be seeing the old versions. again something silly to check. –  Chris Johnson Apr 6 '12 at 16:50
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This is probably due to the fact that the columns that you added to the contenttype has not been propagated properly to the Pages-library. This is a real hassle in SharePoint. I like to create a feature receiver and programmatically ensure that any changes to existing contenttypes are being done. If you create a new web and use the same pagelayout, does it work then?

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