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When using a Boolean variable in a SharePoint 2010 Designer Workflow is Yes/No suppose to synonymous with true/false?

My workflow uses the "Set Variable" action to set my boolean and then later tests to see if it is Yes or No. However, the designer only shows yes/no options so I am not sure if this is setting it to true false properly.

I am confused because when testing the variable only yes/no options are again available and the test always allows me code to execute even when the variable is false. I know the value is false on account of the "log to history" action which outputs the value of the variable.


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This is one of my biggest pet peeves about the platform, the inconsistancy of booleans at both the list level and in workflows. – Eric Alexander Jun 8 '12 at 12:11

It is setting to True/False properly. I am using both SharePoint Designer and Visual Studio workflows to work with the same boolean variables, it matches: Yes/No in SPD equals true/false in VS.

This also works in List View's filters. E.g. if you want view to show only items with True set, it works with "Yes" as filter value.

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I have to test this again to be sure, but I believe you want to use 1 and 0, not true and false.

I am also pretty sure anything that isn't 1/0 is considered true, so the string "true" and the string "false" are both 1.

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