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I am having two site collections A and B and these site collections having publishing feature enabled and I am able to show topnavbar perfectly fine (means all sites and subsites). I am having one more site collection C and now my requirement is that I want to have three menu X/Y/Z on site collection C and these three menu should point as per below mapping.

X--> Home of Sitecollection C

Y--> TopNavBar of Sitecollection A

Z--> TopNavBar of Sitecollection B

So when user moves mouse cursor on Y , all topnavbar menu item of sitecollection A should display here and same for Z.

So in a nutshell, I want to read sitecollection A topnavbar, under Menu Y as child node on sitecollection C.

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You could check out this product: http://www.infowisesolutions.com/product.aspx?id=ECS

Other than that, custom development will be required

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